Short Term Volunteering

£210 per week, per person. BOOK NOW


If you are passionate about animals, especially monkeys and want to make a difference in their lives, then volunteering at International Primate Rescue is for you. The rewards and benefits are two-fold, we give you an experience of a lifetime and you assist us with the daily care of the animals. Volunteer at IPR and help us to help them!!

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As long as you are at least 18 years old you are welcome. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for work experience, a student on a gap year, want a break from your office job, are retired, or you just want to get away from it all for a while. Join us and experience a unique once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Our volunteer program will give you a fascinating wildlife experience whilst you learn about primate behaviour and animal care. You will get hands on experience with all the different species of primates at the sanctuary. We currently have Capuchins, Macaques, Patas monkeys, Squirrel monkeys, Mona monkeys, Tamarins, Marmosets and Grey Mouse lemurs. But as cute as they are you also need to be prepared to get down and dirty, as along with the pleasure of interacting with our animals, their enclosures also need cleaning and maintaining!

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During your time with us you will get to know our staff and work side by side with them. More importantly, you will get to know our monkeys and all their different personalities. It is our hope that when you leave us you have made lifelong friends with our staff as well as your fellow volunteers, and that you walk away with the fantastic memories of an unforgettable experience!!!


No previous experience is required, however you need to be fit and healthy and at least 18 years of age. You should be able to speak and understand English sufficiently to get around. You must not be scared of getting down and dirty and must obviously be extremely passionate about animals in general and monkeys in particular. Hard work is a guarantee, but the rewarding experience you will have with us is also guaranteed!

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Please note, that we also have 5 cats and 4 dogs at the sanctuary who like lots of attention from volunteers and live in the volunteer house.


  • Gaining insight and knowledge into primate behaviour
  • Working with all kind of different primates
  • Monkey time. Once a week volunteers are allowed to spend time in the enclosures with monkeys who really enjoy human company. For the monkeys this is a nice change from their normal routine and they get some special treats. For volunteers it is an amazing opportunity to interact with the monkeys and take some great photos.
  • Making new friends and meeting new people


If you have asked us to arrange an airport pick up, our driver will meet you at Johannesburg airport. The trip to the sanctuary takes about 45 min to an hour. If you arrive during the day, our driver will take you food shopping on the way.
When you arrive you will see that your accommodation is right in the middle of the sanctuary, so we can give you a tour straight away and introduce you to all the monkeys. Or if you are too tired you can relax and shower and we will show you around later. The rest of the day you can relax and unpack or get to know the monkeys.
The following morning work will start at 9:00 and one of our staff will take you under their wing.


Our volunteer house has 2 large mixed dorms with bunkbeds. Sheets, duvets and a towel are provided. All volunteers share one large, fully equiped kitchen. In the communal area there is a fire that can be lit on cold winter evenings and often volunteers watch a film on someone’s laptop after work. Next door to the sanctuary, our neighbour has a small bar with a nice terrace and a small pool. If you don’t feel like cooking you can order meals here as well

Our tap water is perfectly safe to drink. We do ask people to take short showers in order to safe water.
Volunteers have access to the washing machine.

Programme Cost and Booking

£210 per week, per person.

The cost of the programme includes accommodation but is self-catering. There is a shop that is about a 20 minute walk from the sanctuary and has all basic food and toiletries items that people will require. Cooked meals are available upon request and can be delivered to the sanctuary at an additional cost.

Costs that are not covered by the programme fee include; Flights, visa, vaccinations, transfers, travel insurance and spending money.

Volunteer fees must be paid into our South African banking account at least one week prior to arrival through a bank transfer.